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Reborn Earth

I've always liked connecting meaning.

That person and this person's words.

That and this combination.

It eventually connected me with nature.

Sun, sky, plants, animals.

Enriching my heart by connecting

each existence to my way of life.

The scenes and emotions that

spring up are very lovely and beautiful.

The songs and thoughts created to connect me

with nature are recorded in <Reborn Earth>.

The important thing is that nature,

which is always close to us, teaches us.

Just listen. Only stare slowly.

Then, the world you feel

will change little by little.

I pray that the reborn earth

will spread in front of you.


​End of production

(It is included in the

piano solo album "Prayer".)

1,000yen(Tax in)

2018.3 Release

Piano Solo Recording

Original tune 8 track

(Including improvisation

of 2 songs out of 10 songs)


1. Book of nature - Improvisation

2. Slowly but surely

3. Respiration

4. Hug

5. Bright tuner

6. Not alone

7. Love - Improvisation

8. Reborn Earth

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