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The time to pray is the time

to face everything in me.

When praying, for example,

I think of myself, my family,

my lover, my friends,

and all the people involved. 

In that process,

we will recognize 

emotions, attachment,

respect, and the universe. 


When I realized that

they were all my alter ego, 

I thought it was similar

to the way of life in nature.

When praying,

put your hands together,

close your eyes, hang your head,

get hot, breathe and circulate your blood, 

and face all your thoughts inside,

standing as if rooted in all directions.

There is no other situation so beautiful.
And I felt that way for no reason,

probably because my cells know.


"Nature" and "prayer" are connected.


I am, standing in a certain moment

in the here and now, 

it continues to create a sound

that produces all. 


3,000yen(Tax in)
2020.11.1 Release 2 disk

​" Prayer "

Piano Solo Recording
Original tune 1o track
(Including improvisation
of 2 songs out of 10 songs)


1. Prayer
2. River, such as a mirror
3. Sea of clouds
4. Circulation - Improvisation
5. Calm
6. Petrichor
7. Scent of roots
8. Melancholy
9. Synchronicity - Improvisation
10. Hometown

" Reborn Earth "

Piano Solo Recording
Original tune 8 track
(Including improvisation
of 2 songs out of 10 songs)


1. Book of nature - Improvisation
2. Slowly but surely
3. Respiration
4. Hug
5. Bright tuner
6. Not alone
7. Love - Improvisation
8. Reborn Earth


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