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Oasis Note

What is a natural me?

Create sound. Speak and write words.

It's kind of embarrassing and

difficult to express me naturally.

Still, I had the courage to

forgive everything.

You don't have to compare with anyone.

No matter how many times

you repeat the same thing,

its value does not change

and it is wonderful.

Even the expressions that everyone takes

for granted can be expressed if I want to.

I don't have to have a lot.

I trusted what I came up with

and played the piano.

I trust, forgive, love, and let go of the sounds

I make when I play the piano.


Even a single sound shines.

The more you repeat the same thing,

the more colorful it becomes.

The afterglow of the sound and the world

without sound also support me.

I trust everything that appears in my heart.

While swaying on the calm water surface,

I arrive at a place of light

that only I can create.

You will reach a place of light

that only you can create.

I pray that the fluctuations

and waves of "Oasis Note"

will be a guidepost to reach

your natural way of life.

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2,000yen(Tax in)

Piano Solo Recording
​Improvisation / 70:15

1. Note #1
2. Note #2
3. Note #3
4. Note #4
5. Note #5
6. Note #6
7. Note #7
8. Note #8
9. Note #9

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